Planet Man
Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 56

Catalog # S-PMAN-1

During radio's Golden Age, science fiction was pretty much relegated to that of kiddie-oriented programming; radio serials like "Buck Rogers" and "Flash Gordon" - both based on popular newspaper comic strips - are examples of the programs that were produced to entertain a non-discerning juvenile audience. On occasion, there would be an experimental foray into programming for adults ("The War of the Worlds," selected episodes of "Lights Out") but for the most part, sci-fi remained the bailiwick of children. But the release of the feature film "Destination Moon" in 1950 changed all of this, ushering in a new era of serious, adult science-fiction drama - most notably NBC's "Dimension X" and the later "X-Minus One." Still, the 'old ways' were not entirely abandoned - and "The Planet Man" is one of these stories.