Studio One
Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 40

Catalog # D-STTM-1

The post-war 1940's was a time of experimentation and expansion in radio. One such show from this era was STUDIO ONE, a drama anthology, which first aired Tuesday, April 29, 1947, at 9:00 over CBS stations. It brought hour-long presentations of books and plays to radio, many of which had not been attempted before. Fletcher Markle, a CBC radio veteran, produced, hosted and occasionally acted in the series. Initially, he was supported by a troupe of seasoned radio actors, because he felt the actor's name was not as important as the play. The works selected were adapted to be as true as possible to the original, a tough job considering the shows were to air only an hour. It was directed by Robert Landry and was written by Vincent McConnor.