One Man's Family

Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 57

Catalog # D-OMFM-1

Volume Number: 2

Episode Count: 98

Catalog # D-OMFM-2

Volume Number: 3

Episode Count: 80

Catalog # D-OMFM-3

Volume Number: 4

Episode Count: 112

Catalog # D-OMFM-4

Volume Number: All

Episode Count: 349

Catalog # D-OMFM-5

Radio's most popular and longest running national serial was One Man's Family, the sweeping saga of family life created by that great creator of radio drama, Carlton E. Morse. Morse's work on I Love a Mystery was another facet of his genius for involved, personal plot lines that were loaded with interesting, impressive characters that thought and talked together like real people.