Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 166

Catalog # DT-SPOY-1

Volume Number: 2

Episode Count: 91

Catalog # DT-SPOY-2

Volume Number: 3

Episode Count: 74

Catalog # DT-SPOY-3

Volume Number: All

Episode Count: 331

Catalog # DT-SPOY-4

Juvenile Adventure (1938 - 55) Challenge of the Yukon was produced by George Trendle. He had wanted a new adventure show, written in the Lone Ranger mold but with a dog as an action hero. The dog was a Husky named Yukon King, his master, a mountie named Sgt Preston. They were a fantastic team, Yukon attacking one villain whilst Preston polished off the other! Its opening was just as good with howling winds, barking dogs and gunshots emphasising almost every word. There were more than 1200 episodes broadcasts.