Danger Dr. Danfield
Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 25

Catalog # DT-DDDN-1

Dr. DANIEL DANFIELD was an obnoxious unlicensed private investigator/criminal psychologist with an ego complex, and the title character of perhaps the worst radio detective series ever: Danger, Dr. Danfield. He gave the entire genre of the radio detective a bad name. If there's a worst one, I haven't heard it. In what is probably the first episode (show dates of this series are unknown), "Hazel and the Count," Danfield manages to be insulting, obnoxious, conceited, and condescending to his host. All of this in a conversation of less than two minutes. This particular episode has my vote for the worst single episode of any radio detective series. The acting is bad, the writing worst, and the announcer manages to blow the show's title and starts laughing. Try saying it rapidly three times, and see how far you get!