The Red Skelton Show

Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 93

Catalog # C-RSKE-1

Volume Number: 2

Episode Count: 83

Catalog # C-RSKE-2

Volume Number: All

Episode Count: 176

Catalog # C-RSKE-3

After appearances on The Rudy Vallee Show in 1937, Skelton became a regular in 1939's Avalon Time on NBC, sponsored by Avalon Cigarettes. On October 7, 1941, Skelton premiered his own radio show, The Raleigh Cigarette Program, developing a number of recurring characters including punch-drunk boxer "Cauliflower McPugg," inebriated "Willy Lump-Lump" and "'Mean Widdle Kid' Junior," whose favorite phrase ("I dood it!") soon became part of the American lexicon.