Jack Webb Show
Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 2

Catalog # C-JWEB-1

This insane bit of fluff ws one of Jack Webb's earliest efforts, so out of character for the man who created Dragnet and airing three years before that landmark police show. The routines were packed with absurd one-lines and nonstop silliness. Webb's love of traditional jazz is reflected in a roaring Dixieland backup by Phil Bovero and "eight retards known as the Ragedaires." As for the rest of the cast, Webb's ripping closing signature says it best, "Tonight's egg was laid on the vocal side by Clancy hayes and Nora McNamara. John Galbraith blew the lines and dick Breen glued the joints together" (translation: Breen wrote the script, as he would for Webb's 1947 detective show, Pat Novak). John Dunning