The Jack Paar Show
Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 12

Catalog # C-JPAR-1

Jack Paar was discovered by Jack Benny when Benny was entertaining troops in the Pacific. They met on Guadalcanal in 1945: two years later, Paar found himself in the enviable position of inheriting the biggest audience in America for a summer run on NBC. Benny had taken such an interest in Paar's career that he wanted to produce the show himself. According to Benny writer Milt OJosefsberg, each of Benny's four writers served the series on a rotating advisory capacity. Paar was given every advantage, including a sendoff on Benny's final show of the season (with guest Fred Allen, ensuring the best possible audience), May 25, 1947.

The Paar show drew good notices: the comedy was reminiscent of Benny's, and Time joined others in praising it. When Benny returned in the fall, American Tobacco decided to continue Paar's show on ABC. This was short-lived. According to Paar, a consultant insisted that he devise a gimmick that would play from week to week. This resulted in an unfortunate incident in which Paar was quoted as saying he wanted to get away from that kind of old-hat comedy, the kind being practiced by Jack Benny and Fred Allen. Luckies canceled, andPaar might have faded away if not for television. John Dunning