The Jack Kirkwood Show
Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 21

Catalog # C-JKIR-1

The essential ingredients of The Jack Kirkwood Show, by whatever name and in whatever format, were always the same. Kirkwood was extremely witty, with a delivery straight from vaudeville. He wrote his own material, acted many of the roles, and put in ten- and twelve- hour days on his creatinos. He was a "comic's" comic," appreciated as much by his peers as by his public. His humor was decidedly madcap. He satirized westerns and detective sows in a style that was frenzied and packed with hilarious irrelevancies. Kirkwood might be doing a western skit about pioneers "trudging wearily on packmule and oxcart," then turn suddenly to his accomplices and say, "You remember Packmule and Oxcart, those two Dutch comics on teh Butterfield Circuit." And so it went. John Dunning