The Fred Allen Show

Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 57

Catalog # C-FALL-1

Volume Number: 2

Episode Count: 46

Catalog # C-FALL-2

Volume Number: 3

Episode Count: 58

Catalog # C-FALL-3

Volume Number: All

Episode Count: 161

Catalog # C-FALL-4

Fred Allen (May 31, 1894 March 17, 1956) was an American comedian whose absurdist, topically pointed radio show (19321949) made him one of the most popular and forward-looking humorists in the so-called classic era of American radio.

His best-remembered gag was his long-running mock feud with friend and fellow comedian Jack Benny, but it was only part of his appeal; radio historian John Dunning (in On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio) wrote that Allen was radio's most admired comedian and most frequently censored. A master adlibber, Allen often tangled with his network's executives (and often barbed them on the air over the battles).