Fitch Bandwagon
Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 2

Catalog # C-FBNW-1

The Fitch Bandwagon was initially what its title implies: a weekly showcase for the nation's big bands. The bands played hit music, ,and at the end of the maestro's musical biography was offered. By 1944 the shift away from straight music had begun, with some comedy skits and standup routines. In 1945, with the arrival of Cass Daley, who had become popular through guest appearances on The Kraft Music Hall, was featured in connecting comedy skits. the "bandstand" angle was kept alive by having name orchestras appear with three or four selections spaced around Daley's skits. "Well, this week Cass is working as a salesgirl in a music shop," Larry Keating would announce. Daley, after creating chaos in the music store, would suggest listening to a record by, say, Glen Gray. Gray, of course, was on hand with his Casa Loma Orchestra to give a live rendition.

The final format, with Phil Harris and Alice Faye, was virtually identical to and is covered under The Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show. The them throughout the various format changes was zestily sung to the melody of Smile for Me.John Dunning