Fibber McGee and Molly

Volume Number: 1

Episode Count: 99

Catalog # C-FMAM-1

Volume Number: 2

Episode Count: 97

Catalog # C-FMAM-2

Volume Number: 3

Episode Count: 97

Catalog # C-FMAM-3

Volume Number: 4

Episode Count: 98

Catalog # C-FMAM-4

Volume Number: 5

Episode Count: 95

Catalog # C-FMAM-5

Volume Number: 6

Episode Count: 117

Catalog # C-FMAM-6

Volume Number: 7

Episode Count: 138

Catalog # C-FMAM-7

Volume Number: All

Episode Count: 741

Catalog # C-ACST-All

The stars of the show were Jim Jordan and Marian Jordan, real-life husband and wife Vaudevillians who tried several radio personae before settling on the characters with which they became permanently identified. The show put a cheerful face on despairing circumstances, and the couple's home at "79 Wistful Vista" (itself a famous phrase of the day) seemed to exist in a kind of neverland where money was never coming in, was always the target of schemes, and yet no one ever really went wanting -- not the truth, but not far from the truth for many Americans of the day.